Insight Agile and Leadership Training

Program Overview

With the growth of technology and digital acumen, a digital skills gap has been created. Closings that gap requires collaboration between organizations. A report from Learning & Work Institute shows that digital skills are key to 92% of businesses and 70% of participants expect employers to train them on the job. In partnership with Insight, Women In Cloud is launching the "Insight Agile and Leadership Training Scholarships" to promote leadership training and help bridge the digital skills gap.

The Leadership scholarships will provide women with access to Professional Agile Leadership Essentials training, which will teach them Scrum fundamentals and how to become effective leaders in Agile software development. The program is designed to help women acquire the skills needed to improve team performance, increase business value, better manage risks, engage stakeholders effectively, and deliver software faster.

About the Program

This program is designed to deliver 25 scholarships to WIC members. Students who are approved will be invited to take ONE Insight Leadership Training Course. Please review the courses, some require previous experience or certain skills. Review available courses here and below: 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusive of All Genders. Priority for women
  • MUST be available to attend the digital course at the specific time & date
  • Submit a 250-word essay on which course you are interested in and explain why it can transform your career

Approval Process

Please allow 30 days for the review team to respond to your application and you will have to confirm your availability for the course.


If you have any questions, please contact: 

Application Form

Submit a 250 word personal statement on how this scholarship can transform your career.